March 4, 2008

A Computer based eigenvalue Approach for Power System Dynamic Stability Evaluation

H.M. Zein El-Din and ETH Alden, PAS 97 No 2 March April 1978, p. 318 (Abstract) This paper describes a highly efficient computer based procedure for determining system dynamic stability as a function of system parameters. The method is applicable in many practical situations where relatively small number of the system eigenvalue are known to be critical in describing stability. Once a base case, a full set a eigenvalue and eigenvector is determined, the movement of these critical eigenvalue is tracked over relatively wide parameter variations without recomputation of either the eigenvalue or the eigenvectors. The new values are estimated using first and second order eigenvalue sensitivity terms followed by an inverse iteration technique to refine the estimate. Results are presented by using a three generator, five bus by system simulation to illustrate the method.

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