March 1, 2008

Testing of the modal dynamic equivalent technique

W.W. Price, EM Gulachenski, P. Kundur, F.J Lange, G.C Loehr, B.A. Roth, and R.F. Silva, PAS 97, No.4, July/august 1978

Several technique have been proposed in the literature for constructing dynamic equivalent of power systems for used in stability studies. These techniques exist primarily as research tools and their applicability for use in large scale production studies has not been clearly established. One of technique that appears to be promising is the model analysis approach developed by general electric company for electric research council project RP90-4. This paper describes the investigation carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of this approach using a realistic power system model

The paper identifies the primary reason for the computational savings offered by the method and suggests modifications directed toward automating and simplifying the procedure. It is concluded that equivalencing method results in significant computational saving while retaining acceptable accuracy, and with proposed modifications could be practical for off line stability analysis.

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