July 24, 2010

Dynamic Equivalents of Asynchronous motor Loads in System Stability Studies

F. Iliceto and A.Capasso, PAS 93, No.5, September/Oktober 1974, p.p 1650-1659

The Dynamic behavior of complex asynchronous motor loads has been investigated by means of a digital computer program base on general equation for induction machines. The paper is devoted to load-voltage relationships. Load-frequency characteristic are not discussed in detail.

First, the results are briefly reported of a preliminary studies aimed at evaluating the way dynamic behavior is influenced by the electrical and mechanical parameters of synchronous motors and driven machines.

An Analysis is made of electromechanical transient phenomena of groups of induction motors when the feeding voltage undergoes major voltage dips and swings after the occurrence of system faults. A special feature of the proposed modeling of numerous families of small and medium power motors is the considerations of proper statistical distributions of the relevant electrical and mechanical parameters.

Dynamic equivalents are proposed, which should improve the accuracy of transient stability studies in cases where load behavior has a critical influence on stability.

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