August 11, 2010

Power System Model Reduction - A Canonical Representation

Abstracts : J.B. Woodward and F.C. Schwepe, PAS 93 No.31 No.1 January/February 1974 P.6

Many Studies of system frequency response to load changes or generation losses use average frequency and energy balance concepts. This paper discusses an approximate technique for reducing the number of differential equations required to represent a power system for such a study. The average system frequency model is briefly summarized and canonical representation technique is refunded and greatly extended. The result is an average system frequency model (including nonlinear valve limit effects) whose number of state (differential equation) is independent of the number of the machines. An operational, conversational computer program is discussed and a few example of the accuracy achieved with the canonical representation technique are presented. The paper is concludes with a brief discussion of the useful properties and limitations of the canonical representation of the average frequency.

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