December 26, 2009

Dynamic Equivalents using operating Data and Stochastic Modeling

M.A.H. Ibrahim, O.M Mostafa, and A.H. El-Abiad, PAS 95, No.5 September /Oktober 1976, pp. 1713 – 1732

A method is developed to determine equivalent for extensive power systems external to an internal system equiooed with central control computer. These equivalents are needed for different system studies where the internal system is represented in detail, and the external system are represented by the equivalent to simulate the interaction effects of the external system on the internal system for disturbances originating in internal system.

The method uses a generalized Thevenin’s theory for representing the quasi-steady-state performance of the external system and stochastic linear differences equations to represent the dynamic changes in the internal equivalent voltage magnitudes and phase angels

The methods are demonstrated on two test systems

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