December 20, 2009

Dynamic Equivalents by combination of reduced order Models of System Component

HY Altalib and P.C. Krause, PAS 95 No.5, September/Oktober 1976 pp 1535 – 1544

Davidson,n Method is used to reduce the order of a one machine infinite bus system with excitation control from a tenth to a fourth order system. This is accomplished by first reducing the machine from seven to third order and excitation system from third to fisrt order and the combining these models to form the reduced order model of the one machine infinite bus system. It is shown that that eigens values which predict the natural and introduced rotor oscillation are accurately preserved by this method.

Also, a method of combining reduced order models of machine to form dynamic equivalents of multimachine system is set forth. Here, Davidson’s method is used to obtain a reduced order model of each machine where upon approximation are used to achieve a simple means of combining these reduced order models to form a dynamic stability investigations. It appears that the method of reduction presented in this paper may offer advantages in the analysis of power system

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