December 20, 2009

An External System Equivalent Model Using Real Time Measurement for System Security Evaluation

J.F. Dopazo, M.H. Dwarakanath, J.J. Li, and A.M. Sasson, PAS 96, No.2 March/April 1977, pp 431 – 466 A model for external system equivalent appropriate for real-time system security evaluations proposed. The model has two components, one which models the reaction of the external system to system changes in past time intervals and a second component for adjusting the equipment model to present operating levels. Decoupling techniques between P-δ and Q –V quantities at the boundaries are used in the model formulation and recursive system identification technique are employed to obtain the parameter of the model. Numerical Simulation studies made on the 1976 AEP-ECAR system show encourage results. Possible further improvement and the need for testing for the real time data are discussed, and it is hoped that the paper will encourage others to devote effort to these and other pertinent issues

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