July 10, 2010

Dynamic Equivalents From on-line measurements

W.W. Price, D.N. Ewart, E.M. Gulachenski, and R.F. Silva, PAS 94, No.4 July/August 1975, pp. 1349-1357

This paper presents the result of a feasibility study of a technique for identifying dynamic equivalents or portions of power system from measurements made only within a restricted Study System without intentional Perturbation of the system. The maximum likelihood technique is used to identify parameter value for a specified for direct use in standard transient stability programs. The Identifier was tested using measurement from. simulations tuned to match field measurements. The field measurements, identification algorithm and programs test results are described. The expected benefit of this technique is in overcoming a major block in the development of transient stability contingencies by power system operators.

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