August 2, 2010

Application of simplified dynamic models to the Italian power system

Abstract: R. Marconato, E.Mariani, and F. Saccomano, PAS 93 No 1 January/February 1974 p.3

For practical application, the setting-up of simplified dynamic models may be regarded as a necessary step in the study of the dynamic behavior of larger power systems.

The definition of criteria for models reduction obviously depend on the final objective, as the satisfactory reproduction of some selected outputs, which may refer to “average frequency” transients, electromechanical oscillations, output component which mainly influence the control and protection systems, etc. On the other hand, the application of the above criteria may raise some critical problems, due, for example to the sensitivity of the resulting approximation vs. the dynamical order of the simplified model.

In the present paper, reference is made to particular system, consisting of 178 buses (380 – 220-150 KV), 272 lines, 50 synchronous machine : For many application such systems may be assumed, within a good approximation, as a meaningful sample of the Italian power system. For the above system, a possible list of practical criteria for model reduction is given; then some simplified models are developed, on the basis of empirical or analytical procedures, and numerical evaluated with respect to the complete model through comparison of respective simulation results.

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