August 4, 2010

Multi-machine modeling for Power System Generators

Abstracts: A.K. Laha and K.E. Bollinger PAS 93. No. 1, January/February 1974, p. 8

This paper describes a modeling technique for setting up digital computer models of multi-machine power systems. The advantages of this modeling procedure over existing technique is that it allows for the consistent representation of transformer voltages in the machine and tie-line equations and in addition, it reduces the number of equations by using a “dual” form of representing the system generators. The generators in the “study” system area are represented in detail whereas generators electrically remote from these detailed models are represented by their inertial form with governor included. Yhis modeling procedure has been used quite extensively on actual system problems and was found to be efficient form for power system controller studies. A 3-machine system is modeled in the paper and comparative result to illustrate the effects of including transformer voltage are shown

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