June 20, 2010

Investigation of the reduced order model for induction machine dynamic studies

K.P.R. Sastry and R.E. Ruridge, PAS 95 No. 3 May/June 1976, pp 962-969

In this paper, a reduced order model of an induction machine is investigated using digital simulation and eigenvalue studies. The models is compared with the complete representation by simulating the nonlinear equations of both for the same dynamic situation. This study includes the transient load modeling of the single machine and the performance of the model in the case of interconnected machines. It is observed that the result obtained using the complete model and that significant saving in computation time results for the case of interconnected machines.

Also a linearized version of the model is used for stability studies using eigenvalue analysis. Here again, the stability for small perturbations of a single machine and a system of interconnected machine is investigated using the reduce order and complete models. The reduced order model is found to give only approximate result regarding stability in a limited range of operating conditions. It appears that the reduced orger model, if used in its nonlinear form would be effective in transient stability studies of large-scale system.

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